My Rettey Classic 7 ft X 14 ft Pontoon

Rettey offers this pontoon and others as a kit.

The Rettey pontoons are also available fully assembled with trailer and motor options.


See their web site at Rettey for additional information.


Here are a few images from beginning to end.

I received the kit in July 2010.

This is the covered shipping pallet as removed from the truck. Note damage.

Damaged to a couple of the boxes, contents were slightly damaged.

The three logs assembled and brackets attached.
I assembled the entire pontoon kit in the garage and over a 3 day period.

Plastic flooring being assembled on cross members.

Flooring done and side / end caps being fitted and assembled.

Because the pontoon is 7ft wide the three logs were only 9 inches apart. Not enough space for me to get in between the logs to tighten the floor bolts.
I had to hire a skinny 16 year old to crawl between them and tighten the bolts!


Railings assembled and fastened to floor.

Right front beveled tube was received dented. I should have replaced it but didn't.

I used the wooden logs to roll the pontoon out of the garage.

Here is one of the biggest mistakes I made in assembly. I did not "custom fit" the log sections together.
This would have required filing the end pieces to a better fit.
My only real complaint about the product. It should have been fitted by the factory before shipping.

The trim plate around the motor mount did not fit as specified.

The final product, looks great!

This is a boat slide I built to pull the pontoon out of the water.

Since these photos were taken I have changed the motor to a new 20hp 4 stroke Yamaha and added two bench seats made from aluminum walk boards. The seats on the walk board fold, swivel and are adjustable side to side.  The wake board is adjustable forward and back.  This allows me to adjust the "balance" of the boat either solo or with others onboard.

I am impressed with the quality of the materials used. There are things that I know now that I didn't then and I would have changed a few things on assembly.  The Stainless Steel bolts supplied have all seized and are not removable, they have to be cut off.

I use the pontoon on a stump lake. If I had to do it all over again I would have ordered a 6 X 12 with a plywood floor.

I have purchased a console that I may mount with a steering wheel. The tiller Yamaha works well but at my weight of 275 lbs I would be better off sitting farther forward, not possible with the tiller.

It is a fun toy that allows you to have many options and part of the fun is "tinkering" with it.

I have always felt safe on it. A great fishing platform.

UPDATE 05/2016

I have a yellow stain on the HDPE floor under the fuel tank. A critter chewed the fuel line and fuel leaked and sat under the fuel tank. I assume the stain is yellow due to the fuel additive. I tried everything to clean it but nothing has worked. The floor manufacture says to expose it to the sun and the UV should work to at least fade it. That didn't work.  So careful of the staining fuel additives like Stabil or Sea Foam.

Prop selection:  I have not found a prop that works well with my set-up. The motor is a Yamaha 20hp ( should have went with the 30HP) 4 stroke and currently have a 9.25X7 pitch prop. WOT for this engine is about 5600 RPM's.  Boat motor dealer not much help as they are familiar with boats and not pontoons. I am still reaching out trying to find the correct prop for this pontoon.  Still searching.



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