Designed specifically for the
CD-FIT© Composite Program


Hayden B. Baldwin

Course Length
16 Hours
by Hayden B. Baldwin

I have designed a 2-day computer composite course to meet the needs of the law enforcement communities. I designed this course to help the law enforcement agencies in training their personnel to interview the witnesses, complete quality computer composites, create the wanted bulletins with desk top publishing software and identify the means for circulating the image.

How often have you attempted to do a composite of a suspect only to have the final product not meet your expectations? Are you having trouble training your personnel in the art of Forensic Computer Composites? What are the results of your current composite system? Are you getting the suspects identified? What is your percentage of “hits” from a composite, 15%, 10% or less? I can show you how to correctly complete the composites using the CD-FIT program. The program is simple to use, keeping the learning curve to a minimum compared with other facial composite systems. The major downfall of all computer composite programs is the lack of proper training in using the software program, listening to the witness, interview techniques, manipulating the image to meet the witnesses’ description of the suspect, and producing the final copy. All this can be completed with proper training in a minimum amount of time. Without this course the officers are attempting to train themselves, not learning the “tricks” of the trade or learn the proper procedures to complete a quality composite from start to finish.

The following general outline will give you information on the course content

I.     Introduction of the course

II.   Equipment Requirements
                Hardware & Software 

III.  CD-FIT program
                User's Guide 

IV.  Image Manipulation
                How to & the Why’s 

V.   Practice Exercises
                Real Time vs. Memory 

VI.  Interview Techniques
                The art of listening 

VII.  Wanted Bulletin
                Graphic formats 

VIII. Composite Hits
                Community Policing 
                Media Avenues


Classroom space and computer hardware limits the class size. The requesting agency is responsible for the classroom set up and for providing the hardware for the students usage.

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